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FREE 2 packs Baby Bandana Bibs Giveaway - Get Yours Today
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We're giving away these Beautiful Baby Bandana Dribble Bibs  for FREE to celebrate the launch of our new product line.
They retail at £4.99 - we only ask you to cover £1.25 shipping & handling
  • THE BEST DROOL ABSORBENT BIBS FOR BABIES. Our 100% gorgeous cotton Terry has good absorbing ability. Perfect for drooling and teething babies to keep them dry!)
  • GENTLEST FABRIC FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: 100% COTTON. Pure cotton fabric on both sides. Best for sensitive skins, with great ability to dry quickly hence avoiding the bacteria to pile up. Light and soft cloth to avoid suffocation.
  • TOTALLY COMFORTABLE, ADJUSTABLE SNAPS. Nickel-Free Adjustable snaps to adjust as per your child's comfort and strong enough that you baby can't take it off! Perfect for children aged 1 to 24 months.

So glad I bought it...

I bought these bibs for my youngest son who has been making a mess whilst eating and so I got these to help protect his clothing as well as to help keep his dribble soaked up.
After using them a few times each, I am impressed with how soft and comfortable they are. With the top layer being luxuriously soft 100% cotton which not only looks beautiful but is soft on the skin too. 
With press studs to fasten them shut, I am always concerned about this as my son is a little older and I didn't know if they would fit. Luckily the bibs have 2 alternative snap fastenings so the bib fits my son now and will do for a while longer too.
I personally love the way they look like a super cute scarf and not just a regular bib and the designs on te front are cute also. It's just a shame that they are white as it is hard to get food stains out

- Linda K

Love, love LOVE This!

"Having a baby it is amazing how many clothes they can get through in the day if they are not wearing a bib whether that be from bottle feeding dribbles to teething dribbles I have found we are going through a lot of bibs in a day. Changing them for a new one at every feed I must go through at least 8 a day if not more.
I love the look of the bandana bibs, in my opinion they cover the neck and shoulders a little better than the traditional bibs but also look more stylish.
These bibs come in a set of 5, in boy designs, multicoloured bear, multicoloured letters, Elephants, lions and other animals, diggers and beach balls & lollipops. They are made from 100% cotton and the design is on both sides of the bibs. They have two plastic snaps on them to secure them so you can have it at a smaller size for a baby and a bit bigger for a toddler.
The centre of the bib measures approximately 22cm down which is quite long for a small baby but it does cover them well, great for when they are sick as it does protect their clothes, and obviously as they get bigger the bibs will look smaller on them.
- Melanie S
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