50 Halloween Colouring Pages For Children

50 Halloween Colouring Pages For Children

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⭐This listing is for 50 digital images, in PNG and PDF format, for all your creative needs including commercial use 💪

What’s included:
✔️ 16 Halloween Characters
✔️ 15 Halloween Cupcakes (Yes, you read it correctly – Cupcakes!)
✔️ 19 Halloween themed texts and banners

✔️ Each image comes in PDF and PNG format (PNG has a transparent background. PDF has a white background)
✔️ All files are A4 size:
(2481 x 3508 pixels or 8.27 x 11.69 inches)

😀These images are great for:
✅ Printing
✅ KDP book covers
✅ KDP colouring book interiors
✅ Getting creative with the family at home
✅ Inspiring worksheets
✅ Creating products for children
✅ Creating colouring books
✅ Creating flashcards
✅ Creating calendars
✅ Journaling
✅ Creating your own products to sell
✅ Creating your own material to sell on other platforms
✅ Super entrepreneurs who rock 🤟
✅ Promoting world peace, love, and goulness 😀🌍

😒These images are not ideal for:
❌ Taking over the world or promoting hatred of any kind!

😉 Yeah, I know you’re a smart ghost! 👻

⭐ Let’s get creative! ⭐