Why black and white? Well, when babies are born their retina’s are not fully developed and their field of vision is only around 6-8 inches from their face. Although they have been able to distinguish between light and dark in the womb, new borns can still only detect very large contrasts between light and dark after birth. Research has shown that black and white registers the strongest on a baby’s retina. Strong visual signals to the brain means more brain growth and therefore faster visual development. 

High Quality Cards

Bebedou Baby Cards are made of high quality materials , and laminated cards are durable and safe. However we do not recommend at all that these cards are used as a teething toy. Parents supervision needed at all times

Geometry Cards

These Geometrical designs are specially made for baby. It’s a fun way to stimulate visual development and to promote infants brain developmentWhile your baby enjoys looking at the geometric shapes, you can rest assured that your baby is soaking in the foundation for the world of geometry, pattern & shape!

Baby Mobile

Bebedou's Baby Cards are so versatile.  These cards can be used to entertain baby from the first few days even and clip in baby mobile.  Watch your baby being entertained by the Bebedou Black and White cards.

Tummy Time

Parents are finding tummy time activities with baby a real pleasure. These elegantly design cards are helping babies to stay down focus more and more and the Black and White contrast are helping baby's eyes development.

Beautifully Presented Box

Bebedou High Contrast Baby cards come in a well presented box ready to be sent as a gift for a newborn. At this price, you will not be disappointed with the value you will be getting. These cards will be baby's best visual companion for the first year. Buy Them Today!

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What are parents saying?

These rectangular cards are larger than what I thought and very sturdy too.  From day 1, I placed it in the cot further from baby's face, and I could see baby's eyes going towards them. I was pleased to have something which attracted my newborn baby and stayed with us for the next 7 months to keep my baby entertained. 

Anna Olson Blogger

The designs of these cards are truly engaging and baby does not get bored easily as there are 14 different designs to keep his focus for longer.  These eye-catching art cards indeed helped with my baby's development.

I have also bought it as a gift for my friends and they loved it as they didn't know these cards exist! 

Ella Johnson - Home Educator

For the birth of my first child, I wanted a fully neutral baby nursery and I was very lucky to have come across these black and white cards.  I bought both packs, the rectangular ones for the wall, and the circular ones for the baby mobile. It made such a big difference to our room that every person who came to visit the room complimented us on its decor. So thank you Bebedou for these amazing cards!

Maria Ferguson - Stylist

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